Rosa Forrestiana (Pink) – Creative Imagination

Rosa forrestiana has capacity to engage imagination, allowing people to see things in ways they had not before, and in this way explore new areas. Usually imagination is without constraint, and can be inherently available typically to influences of malevolent non-physical beings to be utilized for various nefarious purposes. Imagination can be wonderful, it can be a source of inspiration and creativity, but it is not in its basic sense guarded. A certain guarding with forrestiana tends to emerge as the energies associated with imagination in this regard would be generally helpful uplifting energies, energies of creativity that could be valuable and useful for people. The effect of this elixir can allow an individual to feel more excited about life, to feel the sense of accomplishment or benefit. Somehow leading to new ideas, new places to be, new ways of relating to others. One can find this quite enjoyable and essentially light hearted as one can move into a realm of greater play.


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