Rosa Eglanteria (Bright Pink) – Opens Heart

There is a specific focus here on an awakening of the heart energy in its connection to higher spiritual wisdom. This spiritual wisdom that comes through is that which will usually continue opening the heart. Sometimes people will be pushed to states of despair as they feel a powerful love inside that has no easy way to anchor in the world. Using eglanteria as an essence should be of benefit to most people if they can recognize that as love increases, wells up, or is an any way stronger, that it needs to have a focus, needs to be placed somewhere in the world in which you recognize for you personally that it is useful or valuable. Gradually what comes from such is a deeper appreciation or awe of many aspects of life, yet this again focalizing in the heart to awaken deeper levels of acceptance of God’s energy in all things. At the specific levels relating to this, there can be a deeper sense of forgiveness for mistakes one has made in life or for other people. But generally the forgiveness will relate more to the way in which a person has utilized habit patterns: to break these patterns, to see them in ways that they were fulfilling a particular energy, to understand them, and then to be able to find new ways, new ways to fulfill the energies that were needed, new ways to fulfill what was missing. This will usually be enhanced with eglanteria, along with the sense that you are not in any way less for struggling with your habits, that you are in some ways to be admired or accepted for working with those habits in a more conscious fashion.At the higher vibrational level, eglanteria tends to provide a sense in individuals of deep appreciation of many aspects of the world, a sense of sweetness or benefit to life.


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