Rosa Corymbifera (white/pink, Asia) – Calm/Peace

This elixir has the ability at a physical level to release stress stored in the head, neck, and shoulders and can be beneficial for relieving tension that may develop in this area. At the spiritual level, as there is then release of this energy, there may be felt by these individuals a better coordination at the physical level. Internal philosophies, religion, ideas of spirituality, may tend to sort themselves out better after the use of this flower. For most people there will be a significant reshuffling effect as if then they are able to reprioritize the ways in which they wish to understand spirituality, the form in which they come into the world, and the ways in which they put this into action. At the highest level, there can be in utilizing this flower essence a deep sense of calm and peace that has within it building and strengthening energy, as if then in this reprioritization, in this re-understanding not based on the conscious mind, but energies then as if drawn from the soul. Through inhalation one can imagine a beautiful white light pouring into the body, and on exhalation this returning out the top of the head to the soul, which can be imagined to be infinitely upwards, this visualization will assist.


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