Rosa Cinnomomea (Pinkish-purple) – Multiple Perspectives

Cinnamon rose has many different benefits. It helps people to integrate aspects of the subconscious, bringing deeply rooted issues and belief patterns to the surface, where they are then able to blend and make their way into one?s consciousness. But at a higher vibrational level, the rose encourages multiple points of view simultaneously. For assistance with channeling, we see some benefit in combining this with Potato flower essence. Cinnamon rose does appear to strengthen people?s ability to draw bits and pieces from here and there. Its devas have had the ability to journey, seeing things from many different points of view, learning things about many different species of plant, people, other devas, animals, all over your planet. Their learning of this tends to be extremely integrated, brought down to a very pure, almost essence-like form; and this to some extent would be transmitted to anybody utilizing cinnamon rose elixir. The result of this would be a natural encouragement to integrate and work with any abilities; but the ability to receive energy that you have previously shut out or blocked, would naturally be encouraged. In addition, at a higher vibrational level, there would be greater religious tolerance, an understanding of the ability to reach others, who through their own religious belief patterns would consider you as an enemy or infidel or somebody who needs to be enlightened or in some way changed or saved.


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