Rosa Carolina (Pasture Rose, Rosy Pink) – Family Forgiveness

Rosa carolina does seem to have interesting capability to allow individuals a deeper sense of self-forgiveness, particularly where it relates to family matters. There is an ability here to relieve the soul family of need for revenge, retribution, or change, and so deeper acceptance of the soul family can result. Families tend to travel across the karmic landscape in groups, frequently reincarnating to work on issues, to heal them, to change them; and many of these issues will be brought into greater clarity and be easier for people to receive and work with when using Rosa carolina. The ability to allow this in a sense of deeper patience, allowing the energies naturally to unfold as needed, and so on, will be enhanced. The essence itself will tend to bring a sense of forgiveness for all of the aspects in ones family that one has buried, thus one may better remember earlier childhood incidents.


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