Yellow Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium parviflorum) – Earth Contact

Yellow Ladies Slipper was much revered in ancient times, in Atlantian as well as Lemurian times for its ability to confer a sense of the Earth, an awareness of the planetary desires in a very personal way, a way in which people may be directed to receive and love the energies of the Earth and what they mean to them. An interesting helpful connection is often set up between third and seventh chakras, bringing a deeper spiritual awareness and awakening for most people. There is a need for people to establish a greater electrical conductivity between the feet and the physical earth. When not done regularly, a variety of complaints, the most prominent of which are those aspects in which one has difficulty sleeping, feels excessive anxiety, or has inability to relax can arise. This can be eased by Yellow Ladies Slipper elixir, but it can also with repeated use stimulate points in the feet. There may be a slight itching or slight warm or cold sensation in certain specific areas of the foot rather than over the entire feet when using Yellow Ladies Slipper elixir. By all means then press on those places, massage them, be aware of them. Naturally you would see that this has direct application in sports, not just sports that make use of the feet, which many sports do, but the way in which one is able to interact with the physical, absorb it, work with it, know it, see of the ways in which it can interact with you and teach you. This can be very useful when people are seeking to learn more about what it means to be physical; it is especially important in the first three years of life. Yellow Ladies Slipper may be useful as individuals wish to then bring this sense for a child of the physical, of what it means to be alive, of properly owning, manipulating, and understanding their own physical bodies.


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