Astrophytum ornatum (Yellow) – Understanding Relationship

This flower essence appears to have the property to stimulate multiple levels of thought in an individual, this allows them to relate to multiple ways of understanding relationship, examining the issues of aloneness, separateness, and togetherness. This can be helpful as people begin to awaken to relationship in community, in groups larger than the individual family. People may come to understand each other better with this flower essence, as they discover the influence behind mutual attraction based on genetic influence of physical type and early childhood upbringing and environmental factors. But in addition to this is a vibrational recognition from one cellular structure to another. In making this clearer and opening up to more common roots, people may come to understand each other better with this flower essence, as it opens up various levels of thought not previously available. Sometimes this essence can overstimulate some of the mental faculties. It is wise here in using it as an essence to make a deliberate attempt to quiet the mind, and then to imagine that energy is pouring through the mind in all directions, through the brain, through the head, as light, as colored energy of light pouring out in all directions, forward, backward, up, down, and then if you have the capacity to imagine this, forward and backward in time as well. Such a visualization can assist the individual in picking up and understanding some of the thought forms shared from many other beings that that person is close to. It is also noted that various psychic abilities are likely to be stimulated here. This can include remote viewing or remote healing by such means as the  visualization of a ball of light, a creation of energy connection to plants, animals, or other people, and the ability to perceive certain areas of thought that the individual had no previous access to. Individuals with whom Mercury figure prominently in their chart can especially benefit from this essence.


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