Arnica Mollis – Visual Perception

There are many benefits here to the individual’s ability to perceive clearly, to understand and awaken through accurate observation using the third eye and the physical eyes at the same time. The capacity to receive and know this energy in a direct fashion can be soothing, cleansing and allow the individual to release a variety of thought-forms which may have been superimposed. Enhancement of a variety of psychic abilities can be strengthened, but most importantly is the idea that one can see more clearly and thus better receive, all that one sees, as a result. This can extend into the capacity to express this, to share what one is clearly seeing with others in ways that can be mutually beneficial, and ultimately very soothing or healing. There is a benefit to some individuals in the way in which the emotional body is significantly calmed, allowing a sense of peace or awareness. This may be particularly helpful for individuals who are facing post-traumatic stress, coming to a place of deeper understanding of their own ability to work with that which they were exposed to, and finally release it.


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