Victorian Box Tree (Pittosporum undulatum) – Extraterrestrial Contact

Useful characteristics conferred by this tree have to do with the ability of individuals to interact with guides and helpers, and in particular those who are beginning their associations with Earth. Individuals who have a deeper awareness of this may find these to be distracting influences, ways in which they are spacing out as they tune into guides, helpers, or look for energies of a more beneficial nature for themselves through this help. What is actually happening is that these beings do not have very much affiliation or association with Earth. They are extraterrestrials, and these beings are those seeking to make entry into Earth consciousness. Many times, in the process of coming to a deeper understanding of what it is to be physical, they choose a process of being a guide or a helper at first, working with energies from the subtle dimensions before they make these energies physical. Of course, they have much to offer, much in the way of knowledge, understanding, or inspiration around technology, interaction with other people, and all kinds of things that would be quite different from the usual way you see things. But at the same time those energies can be difficult to blend with the earth energy. The flowers of Victorian Box Tree have the interesting ability through devas associated with them to directly absorb energies from the stars. When you take the essence, it would be valuable to hum or hold an Om sound or some gentle vibration in the throat, a way of bringing these energies more consciously into form would be valuable. Then have the sense that you are reaching out way beyond your immediate sense of your own guides and helpers. One way to do this is to visualize a reaching out energy that goes out many miles, many kilometers from your own location. A willingness to receive from very far away can be a useful tool in opening to this aspect of communication. Sometimes it helps also to recognize the gift, as being a human being, as having sense of being physical, what you can offer to these beings in a way then in which they are able to assist you. Sometimes this is an important factor in abduction phenomena, interference or intrusion phenomena where individuals recognize the presence of an extraterrestrial that they do not want to have interaction with, yet cannot easily close the door to this; it is sometimes assisted by opening the door to those extraterrestrials who would be of a beneficial, helping, loving nature.


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