Fairy Lantern (Calochortus albus) – Magical Perception

One of the things that Fairy Lantern can confer on an individual is the capacity to receive what is happening around them in their lives, the coincidences in their lives, their interactions with others, in a magical space, a place of potential for anything to happen, a place of reverence and love. It was the ancient Lemurians who first recognized its unique ability to hold tiny amounts of energy, to contain it in a way that was very different from how all other flowers or plants, seeds, fruits, etc worked with energy. This was a way in which it was held in a state of grace, tremendous respect, a sense of love and compassion. And this had several uses in ancient Lemurian ritual. The message within this flower is to receive the whole, perceive at all levels, attune without separation to that which surrounds you.


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