Zinc – Vibrational Shift

Zinc elixir has a unique property of allowing better balance between what is taken in and what is released. Zinc supplements can allow this better balance at a physical level. The elixir will work at a psychological level to allow greater awareness of how one chooses to make these balances work. Zinc also assists the teaching and learning process for both the student and the teacher. At a higher spiritual level, Zinc promotes faster internal transformation. The person is able to access higher and higher degrees of spiritual vibration, and in their own way move to those levels and remain there. The ability to shift inter-dimensionally is also affected. This is called de-materialization. The material is still present, it is simply not present in the same form. It is transformed to this higher vibrational rate, and interacts with the environment, particularly light, in a new way. To some extent, Zinc elixir can promote invisibility in individuals and at the same time balance it. Invisibility is generally not observed on a physical level except in spiritual adepts, but is felt psychologically by many individuals. One would appear to blend into the environment and be unseen by those you wish to communicate with. Or the opposite?one may be too visible, always attracting attention, struggle, and difficulty without even wanting to. Zinc elixir may be able to balance this by enabling a deeper sense of self. Ultimately there is an ability to merge well with their surroundings, interacting in ways in which people are able to recognize individuals for their true strengths.


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