Iridium – Consciousness Shift

Iridium has many important properties dealing with a shift of consciousness, opening to the higher chakra components, especially the tenth and eleventh chakras. The substance in elixir form opens many doors in consciousness for individuals. There can arise an ability to process information that is not logical, in fact sometimes in backwards sequence, thus moving from the result back to the cause. The understanding of the law of karma is deepened. Iridium has been utilized in the past for many functions connecting with the human body. Small quantities of it were seen as necessary in the human evolution to improve the connection and attunement between the nervous system, the connective tissue of the body, and the brain. Therefore Iridium was introduced as one of the component metals into DNA structures as necessary for human evolution, consciousness, awareness, and many capacities that are directly related to principles you would understand as super-conductive.


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