Manganese – Lucidity

At the physical level Manganese is closely tied in the human body to the absorption of iron. Many times individuals who experience anemia will do better by taking manganese than by taking iron, as iron is usually available in the diet from many sources but there is insufficient manganese to draw it in. The ability of manganese to bond and act as a catalyst in interrelationship with iron allows the inner physical a sense of greater strength, awareness, and awakeness. The signature of Manganese, its darkness and ability to absorb, relates to an ability to transfer energy between the waking and sleeping states. A person using Manganese elixir is able to have much clearer and more lucid dreams. Manganese elixir will relieve psychic imbalances where there is an inability to distinguish various states of consciousness, such as hallucinations and delusionary activities. Manganese elixir has the property of allowing individuals greater perspective as to how they create consciousness within themselves. This works as if casting a bright light on the process of transformation. The things generated by the media that tend to keep individuals in a state of lowered consciousness?commercial television, video games, and simple pure pleasure-related activities relating to the media?these things can often have some of their spell broken by the utilization of Manganese elixir.


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