Health Secrets From The Ancient World

John Heinerman, Ph.D.

In this book you will learn how cooked food caused the super-human strength of prehistoric Neanderthals to wane, and how jungle monkeys can teach us good feeding habits.

The Egyptians took enemas to get rid of their dreaded ‘ukhedu’, while the Babylonians nurtured the liver with great care. The early Israelites fed on manna or the algae chlorella for 40 years. They avoided chicken, pork, and most seafoods so as not to get cancer. The Egyptians also utilized garlic to stay well. Today’s kyolic aged garlic extract is considered to be nature’s ultimate antibiotic food!

The ancient Chinese introduced the world to the diagnosis of diseases by close observation of many body parts. And the Chinese have us the fantastic Li Chung Yun herbal formulas.

No health program is complete without giving proper attention to the soul. To this end, a new type of religion embracing many Native American beliefs has been proposed for environmentally conscious people in which the role of woman has been elevated to goddess status!

John Heinerman, Ph.D. is an anthropologist who specializes in the study of folk medicine. Dr. Heinerman has developed a unique style of writing in which fact and folklore are carefully interwoven to create mosaic readings that are hard to put down. As the author of nearly 30 books on a wide variety of subjects, he has created an international following of several million devoted readers who find his works lively and controversial.

Soft cover, 135 pages.



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