Awakening to the Plant Kingdom

Robert Shapiro

Julie Rapkin

The varied and beautiful plant forms which exist on this planet are here in response to the needs of the human being. The Plant Kingdom physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally nourishes and heals humankind.

In this thought-provoking book, the plants discuss their Universal origins, their dreams, their procreation, their telepathic and distinctive communication styles, their death and rebirth experiences, their connection to the Devic and Fairy Kingdoms, and their preferences for seeding, harvesting and consumption.

The fruit from the banana suggests the being eaten before bedtime will help individuals shed the outer layers of defensiveness and reveal more of the loving inner essence to themselves and others. The corn, as well as other plants, understand that the human race is attempting to regain ancient knowledge. The Corn Goddess is woven into many Native American mysteries as she hold the history of life and the secrets of creation. She shares her beliefs that life is holy and given for the purpose of inspiring wonder and joy!

The plants, animals, minerals, and elements are aware of the equality of life on this Divine planet Earth. They wait patiently for humans to see the simple similarities in each other, rather than eagerly looking for their differences. Plants encourage us to experience and appreciate the unity and harmony of nature which surrounds us and is ever available for our use.

This stimulating information is channeled from the plant kingdom by professional trance channel, Robert Shapiro. He was assisted in his sessions by Julie Rapkin who clarified and edited the material.

Awakening To The Plant Kingdom joins Awakening To The Animal Kingdom in voicing alternative viewpoints from a consciousness not often heard.

Soft cover, 126 pages.



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