Zubenelakrab (Gamma Librae) – Welcoming Change

Zubenelakrab is transmitting useful energy to Earth to help people embrace change. The various powerful changes that are coming to people now need to be understood in their correct context, rebalanced or in some ways brought more consciously into form. With use of this elixir, one can often find that there is a place in your life that you have rejected change; and as you examine and look at it, you may think of ways in which you may be able to bring joy into that experience, a sense of true upliftment, hope, and awareness. As you experience this joy more deeply, it can allow you a new perspective on this change, not just to accept it, but to see it in a place where it could perhaps be helpful to others. It combines well with Sirius elixir for the inner acceptance of healing and transformation.


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Weight2.86 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in