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Xi Bootis – Society Renewal - Pegasus Products

Xi Bootis – Society Renewal

Xi Bootis is an intriguing astronomical object and that which may in the future provide important data for humanity. Several large artificial satellites are positioned in this system, particularly around one of the planets. This is an area that has been harmed by civilization in the past, one in which life is very limited, yet many of the souls associated with this civilization remain.

Some are similar to psychotic postmortems on Earth as defined by Dr. Waldo Viera. The idea of dying without knowing you are dead, continuing to live without understanding where you are taking your energy. Others are trying to help this civilization, doing what they can to alert them to their demise.

There have been two planetary tramsmigrations in which members of this group have moved en mass to other areas of the galaxy, and some have even incarnated on Earth. But still a larger transmigration will only be possible when the sense of grief, release, and the deeper lessons learned can be complete. Still though, for many associated with humanity, it is a very difficult energy to understand: could people on Earth actually hurt themselves in this way?

For this, the third level of this energy comes to you, the sense of the opportunity, the way in which a positive aspect in answering this question can come forth: the need for cooperation, for love, the need to understand or forgive each other, the need to look deeper at your own fears; but most importantly, the need to do whatever is necessary to prevent such destruction.

This means a sort of societal renewal: a rebuilding of humanity as a result, a willingness to look at many difficult and dark issues. This is to become more and more important around the big global issues facing humanity at the current time that are unrelated to war and destruction, for instance the issue of global warming, or the distribution of wealth and the opportunity for people to give up their positions of power in order that everyone may be fed, that everyone may find some sense of purpose or fulfillment on Earth.


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