Thuban (Alpha Draconis) – Earth Survival

Most of the energies radiating from Alpha Draconis are those that are associated with the energies of change that have allowed people at times a sweeping away of old ideas to find a new source. There is some awakening of the eleventh and twelfth chakras in utilization of this star, because one can see of the ways in which such energies can be better used. Indeed, anyone with a concern with the potential destruction of Earth due to human misuse should certainly utilize Thuban elixir, and then use the energy wisely; such an individual may find themselves in a position of leadership or help to others at making critical and useful choices as humanity moves towards places of greater love and less fear. This was the pole star in Ancient Egypt and the elixir may be of benefit to those with a deep affiliation for ancient Egyptian sites, or for life-streams in distant times not on Earth.


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