Theta Bootis – Mental Enhancement

There are several planets orbiting Theta Bootis, but their orbits are quite eccentric as they are affected by many of the gravitational forces. This has prevented development of civilizations for very long. The simplest of animal life is about all that has on its own survived. However there was a colonization by beings from quite far away because there was a temporary appearance lasting only a few hundred earth years of a connecting point, that which you currently call a wormhole (a very silly name for such connecting points) but that which has some basis in science and that which is recognized in your popular culture. The wormhole allowed significant influx of beings into this area.

They chose to settle on the fifth planet orbiting this pair of stars and bring much technology into this development of their civilization to protect them from the various energies and difficult stressful conditions. However they recognized very early on the powerful uplifting energies from these suns could be useful in their own development of moving into higher vibrational levels. This took them into a long period of extensive mental development. The mental capacities were enhanced and they recognized that there own ability to work in levels beyond physical technology, the utilization of subtle energies and various ways of vibration and so on would be very important.

The elixir from this star could in some ways help people to tune into the vibrations of the world around you, to receive the communication from animals, to understand more consciously the devic orders. In addition to these energies, there are some beings associated with Theta Bootis that want humans to understand their own potential in ways that they have not before. This has a lot to do with your own mental capacity, the ability to blend different aspects of your own consciousness.

Gradually over time the utilization of the elixir of Theta Bootis will bring into most individuals enhanced brain capacity, the ability to wake up parts of the brain that have not been easily accessed or utilized before. The ability to astral travel may also be assisted.


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