Rana (Delta Eridani) – Home

This star has an interesting planet orbiting it in which the migration of individuals has taken place over time. For various reasons, initially to do with significant change of climate on their planet, they were pressed into rapid development of space travel. This was not initially faster than light travel, but simply the opportunity to move from one planet to the next. But eventually changes forced them to do this yet again.

In this way they have come to a very deep understanding about the necessity of letting go of home, of finding what home means, understanding this on a very large basis the sense of what a home is, as no one was left after the moves, even the plants and animals associated with the old planets disappeared. The result of this is the opportunity to make a place your home, to understand it, to work with what it has to tell you and what you have to tell it, almost as if it was indeed a living entity, a useful component of consciousness in the world that you live

This of course is helpful for any person to do when they move, when they are contemplating moving, when an organization is to be founded in a new location, when people can come to understand and work with these energies with regards to their daily lives. But it is also important overall for humanity, grappling with the whole idea of Earth as a living being rather a resource to be exploited; and an understanding of this deeper consciousness is an important attribute in many aboriginal cultures all over your planet.

Still though, the understanding of this at a deep emotional level, the reality of it, this is difficult for many people, particularly those who have a scientific background or those who have been strongly influenced by the western cultural ideas of exploitation or utilization of resources. The elixir of Delta Eridani may be helpful for individuals to feel this energy connection, to realize that they have choice about the matter; but more importantly at the higher vibrational level to answer the question what is home? What does it mean to you to be rooted or connected? What is the land in how you understand it? What is your relationship to the directions, to the energies associated with the earth and so on?

For those who also contemplate this, as well as of course the practical applications such as contemplating a move, trying to choose the right location, learning to let go of the old as you embrace the new, the star can certainly be helpful.


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