Pi Puppis – Hidden Talents

This star allows hidden talents to come to the surface. Oftentimes these will be talents that an individual has worked with in past lives, yet has elected in this life to ignore or perhaps to only use small amounts of these talents. An individual attuning to these hidden talents may also find that there are other avenues that are worth exploring in life, as if having a different point of view or seeing people in a different light.People who are involved in art and various activities with their hands, will typically benefit from Pi Puppis, because this energy can be particularly helpful with regards to pastlife skills in manipulating the physical world as a gardener, as a sculptor, working with pottery or clay, perhaps working with ancient writing techniques, or various aspects of musical or artistic expression. This can be particularly helpful for teachers and counselors who wish to utilize similar qualities from their clients in themselves, and in this way make a closer, more compatible connection.


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