Phi Sagittarii – New Spirtuality

Here there is some understanding of spiritual purpose in its ability to bring people into relationship around fixed or dogmatic ideas. Many times individuals who come to higher spiritual understanding require some way of working with early religion in their childhood experiences. This can involve such as Sunday school, synagogue, particular prayer and meditation rituals as created in various Muslim sects, ways in which individuals see that the ritualistic and dogmatic forms must give way to higher understanding.

This capacity for releasing ways that might have brought the individual into understanding of higher religion is to be understood for its emotional content, its attunement at a spiritual level without any direct understanding and awareness. This is why these ritualistic forms are allowed to continue. This star can be very helpful here for people to attune to this underlying energy while at the same time open to new spiritual practices, new ways of awareness, and ultimately a way that is entirely non-dogmatic or non-ritualistic in which it actually is a development of the person's own intuitive abilities around this issue.


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