NGC 7331 – New Perspectives

(spiral galaxy in Pegasus) The central bulge rotates in the opposite direction from the outer disk.

This rotation appears obvious from far away, but for most of those civilizations that developed within this galaxy this was of little concern because it was happening slowly except in the border region, which is a rather large sphere where these energies come into a conflict. Although you might imagine that this is a tearing, it actually is not; it is an area of constant expansion and movement, and most importantly, many levels of interactivity. It has allowed those beings on those planets associated with those stars near this region of shifting and expansion to develop very rapidly. Their development into many different areas, a significant portion of these were into areas that ultimately led to the demise of the civilization, a self-destruct, some area in which they could not keep up with a balanced level of their own development; for instance, when the emotional outstrips the logical, when some aspect of the sexual or identity outstrips that of the capacity of the civilization to provide food and appropriate necessities for their own development. As these then continued, there were sufficient other civilizations developing space travel to begin to become aware of these and to learn from them, and the result from this was a sense of great wisdom. Several civilizations recognized that it was local space that was creating a significant difficulty for them; this spurred their own development more specifically into the scientific, in which they chose to relocate. Several such civilizations relocated by splitting, part of them going to the interior of the galaxy part going to the exterior. Such migrations happened across huge distances, so the space travel techniques were quite advanced. Eventually in a deeper understanding of what was happening all over the galaxy and a deliberate seeking of conscious choice, many of the civilizations had great and important lessons to share with other beings. There are within this galaxy many varieties of civilization, many different energies, utilized and learned about on so many levels. Many of these have at various times surveyed the areas near them and are familiar with Earth and people here. There are a few indeed with a great deal of sense of caring, protection, love, positive energies for Earth; though most have not very much concern. And because of those with this positive approach, there is a sense within them of a gift, something that could be given to human beings, a level of change or awakening, a sort of big burst of energy. The energies do seem to be better aligned with and able to assist individuals who have Uranus properly balanced or understood; it could be in their chart, or it could be by taking Uranus elixir or by gazing at Uranus through a telescope, intent simply being in some way to use the Uranian energies in a way in which an inner balancing takes place first. Then using NGC 7331 as an elixir, one might then deliberately welcome a burst of energy, a new way of doing things, something that might show you an entirely different perspective on yourself, turn yourself around, so to speak, or take you much deeper into a place that you had not seen before.


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