NGC 5897 (Globular Cluster in Libra) – Welcoming Diversity

This elixir has the capacity to assist in welcoming diversity, welcoming new ways of seeing each other, and most importantly, welcoming energies that would seem to you to be alien or difficult to accommodate. These are way beyond any of the prejudices, assumptions, or delineations relating to, for instance, class, skin color, or religion, the issues that people on Earth contend with. This can be particularly helpful now with the shift across the generations where the children do things differently from the parents, and how the parents can come to better accept this, work with it, understand it, and ultimately actually enjoy it; not in a way in which as if to please the child, but in a way that allows the parents something of a genuine awareness and recognition of positive helpful energy.Use of 5897 elixir can be helpful at engaging individuals to appreciate not only the diversity in others but in themselves, because in many of your past lives you have lived in other cultures or worked in other ways, and so part of appreciating and working with others is working with these hidden aspects in yourself. Gradually though, 5897’s influence will be felt more and more as people attune to it and welcome it when they are seeking to balance energies in teamwork where diversity is of great importance, to see whole different solutions to problems, to understand ways of working together not previously interacted upon or worked with, and especially to allow an energy that can give rise to things never before contemplated.


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