NGC 3242 (Eye Shaped Nebula in Hydra) – Enhanced Perception

In the central area of NGC 3242 was a civilization that had followed routes that could be of somewhat similar comparison to that of humanity, and indeed were working with certain ideas, contemporary at the time, approximately 18,000 years ago they came to a critical juncture and moved through a brief war period. During this time, massive explosions caused several changes in their structure.

The idea being that this would be a reminder of looking more consciously, using ones eye to perceive and understand more consciously about oneself, about ones own inner awareness, about the nature of civilization, and many other matters. As one contacts this, as can be done by looking through a telescope, one may be struck with a certain deep sense of sadness or loss, as there were indeed billions of lives destroyed in this war. However during this destructive energy, there was also formed a constructive helpful energy that had as its basis asking, looking what went wrong, what could have been done differently, how could beings involved have assisted.

A few of the beings who came to answer these questions more consciously, with greater awareness and understanding, have indeed migrated to other civilizations and reincarnated. In this case, coming through the later Atlantian phase, eventually into Egyptian lives, and some now currently on Earth. Such beings would find that utilization of NGC 3242 can be a tremendous boost to their own health, understanding, and energy on many levels. Which brings us to the next aspect.

As one works with the elixir, 3242 may bring to some individuals a sense of love that they have not previously felt before; this is from the love or positive helpful energy that is being projected towards this place by various other beings, beings from all over the galaxy, and indeed from many places quite far away, to assist in this project. This is a sort of side effect of this energy, not that the love is specifically designed for humans, but simply as a sort of example or modeling of a universal or higher consciousness unconditional love. As one works with this, one may find that there are certain aspects in life that can be purified, various energies in your own life that can be changed and released, things that are no longer necessary and that could eventually lead to destruction, difficulty or struggle.

It can be valuable to artists working in the visual realms, as they seek to understand more and receive more; not anymore because of the signature, because of its shape, but because of the beings who have worked with this energy have a lot of wisdom to share with people about how they see the galaxy that you are in, your planet, your sun, such energies as they understand them. In addition, there is a positive force here enabling people to see everything more clearly, receive energy in ways they had not before. The difficult question is whether some of this will actually transfer to a physical level for people.

It would appear that oxygen is an important part in this process, hence when an individual is seeking to improve vision by utilizing NGC 3242, it would be helpful to do deep breathing exercises first, to increase oxygenation by moving the body, breathing deeply, receiving the sense that they are being fulfilled and strengthened by the air that they breath. It is always best if such air can be relatively pure, that from mountainous regions, areas that are not filled very much with pollution, smoke, etc, so that one does not have the overriding idea that one is in any way harming ones lungs.

Then to take the elixir, feel the sense that the chest is awakening, that this is moving up into the eyes, that as ones eyes awaken, they see beyond; to imagine that one is seeing what is on the other side of whatever blocks ones vision.


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