NGC 2264 (Cone Nebula) – Receiving Pleasure

NGC 2264 does appear to provide a wide variety of useful energies in areas of creativity, and especially with an opportunity to have a deep sense of enjoyment. There is one star system within this cluster that has utilized some of the powerful energies available locally in order to provide many opportunities for the civilizations that lived on the many planets.

One by one, each of them came to their own demise through various energy changes. One of them moved to much higher vibrational levels, finding the incorporation into matter entirely unnecessary. But the one that was left came to a deeper understanding of pleasure, an understanding of the physicality of form, an enjoyment of life, you might say. And to some extent, utilizing the assistance of other beings within this star system, has found a way to project this energy for others to understand. This is rare in the universe.

Most beings involved with star civilizations, energies, etc, work with higher principles when they wish to broadcast them, because these relate to the evolutionary nature of the civilization itself; if you are involved in a more pleasure oriented society and pleasure-oriented principle, you have very little interest in broadcasting such energies to others. But this civilization, known as ?Osantees? in a good translation to human dialect, was able to understand and work with this energy in such a way as to see of its value in sharing it with others in the neighborhood. The energies that they broadcast are to attune people to receiving and knowing certain helpful pleasures: a sense of love or compassion for nature, a willingness to appreciate oneself and others, are some of the more positive attributes of this.

The difficult side to this is the addictive side, and indeed there are individuals with such a powerful addiction to the more pleasure-full aspects of life that utilization of 2264 would not be recommended, and so this must be used appropriately. However, there are many individuals who are very attracted to spiritual principles or principles relating to higher consciousness, who tend to deny themselves sense of pleasure or understand how this connects to their own awareness of physical body, and for them 2264 could be of value.


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