M87 (Giant Elliptical Galaxy in Virgo) – Releasing Fear & Ego

In attuning to M87, many may find greater understanding of the deeper issues around competition and around struggles for existence. They would know in a more conscious manner that it is by cooperation or through a caring sense of love or compassion for each other that survival will be assured, not through competition. The competitive frame of mind can be shifted, so that the energy can be one of mutual achievement amongst many beings, a cooperative way of achieving powerful and important ends and goals without hurting anyone.It is suggested that an individual take M87, tune into the positive peaceful helpful energy associated with it, and think of someone in the world, someone that could use some shift or energy of this nature, who could become more peaceful, who could release some connection in their identity to that aspect of war or hatred or fear or struggle. Then take the next step, turn the energy around and ask in yourself: in what way in your life are you like that person? In what way do you have some issue that is similar, some aspect of your own identity in which you hold some aspect of fear or ego? What can you do to change it? How can you shift it?Under M87’s influence you may find answers in areas you had not seen possible before, and in this way make this energy more personal; and then turn it around again, taking what you have learned and sending it out into the world as if to touch anyone in the world that might need to work on such a similar issue.


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