Lacaille 9352 (In Pisces Austrinus) – Soul Purpose

9352 has some interesting characteristics that have been brought to it by a consortium of several beings from other star systems. The intent here is to use it as a broadcast point for some valuable energies for several civilizations in the galaxy, including Earth civilization. These have to do with certain energies relating to the capacity of individuals to have deeper awareness, or intent to receive deeper awareness, of their own soul: the soul?s purpose, its characteristic, its size, its shape, the sense of it.

How that soul is able to come into ones own deeper awareness is quite unique. The very nature of consciousness itself by its capacity to filter, reduces how you perceive the nature of your own existence, what you have come here for, how you interact with others, what that energy relates to, and so on, all the characteristics that in the current way of thinking have to do with the nature of your soul.

But the soul itself, the consciousness of beginning itself, the energies that are such a powerful essence that eventually comes into form, are multidimensional, they are by their very nature more than you at a three dimensional level, or in your higher levels of meditation, manifestation, etc, at fourth dimensional level are able to receive. In this sense, one of the important characteristics then that 9352 can provide to people is the opportunity to go beyond their previous limits to understand and receive this energy in a different way.


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