Krueger 60 (in Cepheus) – Law of Symbols

Krueger 60 has some interesting characteristics associated with a small planet that orbits. It has an eccentric orbit that is influenced by the smaller star, and as a result there has been amongst the denizens of this planet a long-term commitment and interest in stellar matters. Having a deeper appreciation of the universe, an awareness of many aspects of the universe in its physical nature, was known to these beings for a long period of their own civilized development.

They were visited by a number of other beings early on in their own history, and have recognized their importance of learning from others and so on, to the place that they have come to more deeply consider universal law, work with it at every level, looking for symbolism and attunement to it in every form. In particular, they have focused for the last few millennia on the issue of the law of symbols; understanding and working with it in many ways can be helpful. People in the world who come to more deeply comprehend the symbols around them, have a deeper sense of communication and community, the community of the nonphysical beings as well as those around them who present information, artistically, musically, etc, through symbols, but also the sense of this as an energy all in and of itself.

This is the more difficult part to understand about the law of symbols. Most people as they approach it and work with it, recognize that it is a sort of once removed energy, that the symbols are utilized as a method of communication, but are not the essence, the core, the source of the communication. This is actually not true; the symbols in and of themselves have their own unique meaning, and those that you would then call Kruegerites have opportunity to explain this, to show it to you. beings associated with this star have perceived in the consciousness of their star a powerful beautiful sense: patience, love, ability to send positive helpful energies of encouragement. These they have sensed for a long time, but in a special way, this has related to the smaller of the two stars, as if to nurture it, to bring it into higher levels of consciousness, to gift it. Thus these are also energies that can at times be inspiring and helpful for parents and children to understand how they wish to at times encourage and strengthen their children.

Doing so by many means can be valuable, but in the teenage years, the children frequently are unreceptive, seeking their consciousness and understanding through independent means to know who they are without the aspect of influence by parents. Krueger 60 can be helpful for such individuals who are then seeking an opportunity to share with their children, and do so with symbols. Such symbolic meaning and understanding about the world can sometimes be presented through poetry, through movement, through gentler or more artistic means than those that the parents have usually considered.


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