Iota Persei – Ancestral Wisdom

These beings, from an important planetary civilization, developmentally challenged, left behind after most of their ancestors moved into a higher state of consciousness, have a strong focus on learning what has come before, working with it in the way in which it is most highly developed and understood. Where this can be of profound and important effect to human beings in utilizing the elixir of Iota Persei is to understand and work with this as the understanding from Lemuria and especially Atlantis. Many individuals who are attracted to starlight elixirs are those who have had powerful and important lifetimes in their own Atlantian and Lemurian incarnations. They have a deeper understanding than they do today about many important attributes of society, while at the same time in society today they have many understandings that were never available to them in those ancient times. The blending of these together, the accepting of themselves in this without the necessity to follow that old path, this is often a difficult issue.

Many engineers attracted to aspects of esoteric science or engineering are doing so simply to recreate, to relive somehow their Atlantian lifetimes, what they learned before; and many of the people that they meet are on a similar path, interacting and recreating, again working out some of the issues, while at the same time bringing forth some of those aspects of science and technology as those which may be healing and helpful tools for humanity. The solution to this is both a giving and receiving, a sharing with humanity?s love with these beings of what is possible, and an awareness in consciousness in themselves of the accepting and learning from your ancestors, from the beings who lived on your planet and used its resources, developed technologies, developed understanding, and that these can be more available to you and shared more easily with other people as well as other beings in other civilizations.

This also as a group has a deep reverence for a preciousness of life, an understanding of how special and valuable it is, and many individuals may also receive this naturally, finding the elixir energizing and strengthening for this reason.


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