Helix Nebula (NGC 7293, in Aquarius) – New Ideas

This elixir can help capture some part of your highest self, your causal body, your God body, and this to be made physical, made into something that can be more healthful, healing, and something you can understand and work with. This can make this energy something that you can feel, that you can sense in the physical body or sense in your emotions. This feeling sense and the ability to see its relationship to the highest component of your existence is transferred with this elixir. This energy can bring forth an understanding of some attribute of freedom, a sense of allowing things their own way. This can allow people to feel much more comfortable when new ideas or new potentials come their way. There will naturally be some greater awareness of how to link more consciously with extraterrestrials, with various beings that will inevitably come to interact with people in humanity’s future.


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