Gamma Serpentis – DNA Understanding

The sixth planet orbiting this star has an evolution associated with it of a group of beings that encompass 5 genders. These have learned to interact in ways that have evolved their knowledge and understanding of biology, various ways to manipulate, understand, and work with DNA and similar components to the point that they were able to transfer consciousness, awareness, and various important capabilities into silicon based, sulfur based, lithium based, and other compounds, elements, and materials as ways of holding and working with consciousness.

Tuning into Gamma Serpentis could be a helpful tool for people who wish to increase their understanding of their own DNA, and may find it an awakening principle to do this while gazing at the hand. Although the more typical way one does this is looking at the palm, it is the back of the hand with attention on the fingers, turning the hand over and observing the whorl patterns on the fingertips and the shapes of the fingers themselves that may be a more helpful useful mudra or gesture in understanding and working with some of these positive energies from Gamma Serpens.

The elixir may engage individuals with a deeper understanding of their own DNA and their own ability to work with it. But it may also help them in understanding the limitations that are created when they artificially seek to put things into male or female, or polarities of yin and yang, or expansive or compressive, or expressive or receptive, or whatever. It is as if the opportunity to work with fiveness can bring a whole new sense of your own reality and your own ability to love, engage others, work with them, and find new ways to communicate. Some strengthening of the fifth and ninth chakras noted for many individuals.

A sense of creativity, new directions in science, and especially biology may be encouraged. The opportunity to rebalance, restructure, or in various ways renew or regenerate your own DNA may be made available.


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