Delta Tauri (Hyades) – Ease Of Technology

There is some agreement or concordance amongst some of the beings who inhabit a number of planets in this region that the awareness of appropriate balanced technological development is of critical importance for humanity?s survival. A number of planets have been reduced, destroyed, burnt out as result of misuse of such understanding of technology. The deeper implications of all technology are being transmitted.

This group of stars, represented best by Delta Tauri, will enable people to better accept and work with all forms of technology, balancing this, having the appropriate way for this to make its way for people in the world is different from some of the ancient experiments and understanding because people have within their own emotional makeup a stronger sense of connection, awareness of their own need for appropriate balance in emotion. So how can this huge gap between emotional well being and technological well being be created, how can this huge gap be bridged, how can such an energy be known to people in a way that is comfortable for them.

But at the higher vibrational level, a new energy is coming into humanity; this is connected to a truth in advertising movement, and a deeper acceptance of the willingness people have to hear advertising that is the truth, and completely reject that which is simply salesmanship. At the same time, this is helping people take steps towards appropriate balancing technology with the energies of emotion. A reduction of the negative influences of electromagnetic radiation will be noted. This is a helpful elixir for people to take when they are overexposed to various forms of technology of any form.


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