Chi-1 Orionis – Regeneration

This satellite star is an artificial energy source. The positioning of this was necessary when the central sun of Chi-1 Orionis sent out a call for help about 11,000 years ago. At the same time as various very powerful changes were happening on Earth, shifting of civilizations, energy, and other things, this star requested assistance as it was experiencing some reaction to a variety of energies that could best be described as emotional.

This is of course a big stretch given the entirely different sort of consciousness of a star, but the solution to this was the establishment of an absorbing and emitting body that would be able to gradually stabilize these energies. When this was established, a significant excess of energy was available; this was necessary in order to create this companion, and the result of this was an energy that spread throughout this section of the galaxy and was extremely helpful as inspiration and continuing as power for building of the pyramids. When the pyramids were created, the pyramids now located in what is termed Giza plateau in the country that is now Egypt, when these were created, the various energies associated with this as understood by the Atlantian colony were very different from the energies of today, and one contributing factor was indeed this profound and helpful energy provided by this companion star.

These energies have been available for a considerable period of time, but gradually weakened, until by now these energies are of a relatively small contributing factor. Still as people use the elixir of this star, they may have a sense inside that they are being provided with supplemental energy, a sense that many new possibilities emerge for them. This can be particularly helpful when athletic performance is sought to be enhanced. When people want to feel stronger, when they want some degree of healing and regeneration in the body, this also may be helpful.


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