Center of Galaxy – Angelic Assistance

This energy helps people understand why they are here. This can be why in terms of existence, in terms of Earthly life, but most importantly in terms of their ability to interact with each other, to learn from each other, to manifest relationships, to understand the internal sacred marriage, to be able to create their most powerful helpful energies with each other, and at the same time appreciate their most evolved capacities. Angelic beings associated with the center of the galaxy have the capacity to energize various evolutionary and sometimes difficult energies in people, energies that they would resist.There may be benefit combining center of galaxy with other remedies or particularly starlight elixirs for good effect, to encourage people to receive the highest angelic assistance, the highest vibrational encouragement, the highest energy of evolutionary inspiration for their own awakening, and their own understanding, so that they may be able to receive this vibrationally in coordination with other aspects that they are interested in. This makes it similar in some ways to using Lotus flower essence as an energizer for other essences, but at a higher vibrational level than would be present in flower essences.


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