70 Ophiuchi – How Do You Love?

There is a civilization that has been associated with this star for about the last 600 Earth years that is a direct offshoot of beings associated with Deneb. These beings have colonized the fourth planet orbiting 70 Ophiuchi. And this has been for purpose of getting a completely different perspective, seeing things in ways that could not be possible in most of the other places in this galaxy.

These former Denebians have a capacity for shifting their own consciousness in ways in which it is possible that deeper feelings of love, compassion, caring, will emerge. When you use the elixir, there will be a positive aspect that comes from this.

You are asked to examine how do you love, in what way does love manifest in your life, how does this show itself, how do you express it, in what ways do you know it, in what ways are you then called on to use it to heal others, to assist on your planet, to do things that are of meaning and value to you?

This question has great importance to the beings then working with these energies, they need to know how do we love, how does this work, how does this happen. And it does demonstrate to some extent the influence that human beings have in this section of the galaxy: the ability to work with these energies, to share them.

One very important positive attribute here is that an attunement to oneness, an attunement to infinity, an attunement to awareness or pure consciousness can be influenced by this star, using the elixir and then going to a higher state of consciousness can provide this. It can allow you a sense that there is a deeper level of love than you have examined before. In addition to this, the energies associated with this star may encourage individuals naturally and easily to come to a place of deeper forgiveness of themselves and other people, and of a willingness for that forgiveness to have a positive helpful ability to heal.

Healing abilities can often run along with love, and in ways that that healing loving energy may be felt more powerfully, this starlight elixir could be useful.


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