61 Cygni – Non-Physical Awareness

After civilizations developed within this system, they returned to pour energy into the colder planets within these star systems. As a result, these are energies that can have a powerful healing nature for people where a dualistic frame of mind is important, seeing oneself gradually shifting deeply held beliefs or ideas from one mode to another. This seems inevitably helpfully encouraged and assisted by this star. The idea of making transitions here and working with energies in a gradual patient way, to move from one level, one development to another, appears to be natural in the way in which the interaction with these stars has affected these people.

Of course they have many other interests, many ways in which these energies are helpful and utilized by other civilizations. But sent towards Earth, the specific patterns that are now being focused on relate to the development of all of humanity as it proceeds to a new renaissance, a new awakening in consciousness that would include and accept the non-physical realities.

As these beings moved into higher realities, they naturally understood so much more of the non-physical realms, and recognized that encouragement towards those in physical realms to include and accept the non-physical was therefore a key part of development of consciousness. Humanity is poised, waiting, ready to accept and receive these energies.

One of the initial efforts of these beings, to encourage people to share their data, to become more aware of all of the ways that the non-physical realities interpenetrate the physical, and the other way too, that is, the physical interpenetrating with the higher vibrational, and that all of these energies to become more aware, more recognized, more accepted, more utilized, and ultimately therefore re-manifested as part of the whole idea of existence itself.

Utilizing the elixir of these stars while at the same time running vibration up and down in the body, receiving positive helpful energy, connecting to ones sense of the Earth or of source, and running this as a raising sort of energy, or simply doing t?ai chi or chi gung at the same time, this sort of thing would be a natural powerful synergistic interrelationship, and would be helpful for people raising their energy and working in these arenas, so that some of their physical energy can be added to the concept of the next step of humanity?s embracing of the physical and non-physical realities.


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