Swamp Rose Pink (Rosa palustris) – Emotional Shift

This is a fascinating plant with a tremendous affinity for the water element and the capacity to work with vibration on many levels. Rosa pallustris has some characteristic of enabling individuals who have been separated in recent past lives from water to better attune to it, enhancing capacity to absorb water, to quench thirst more deeply, to use water more efficiently. But its main use as a vibrational remedy is in the capacity to strengthen how other roses as vibrational remedies can be absorbed and utilized. In addition, Swamp Rose can bring energies of a sense of deep peace into people, having the sense of the emotional cleansing or release, a sense that they are at home. Individuals suffering from foreigner syndrome, a sense of being a stranger in a strange land, are benefited by most of the roses. Where there are connections to planets with high water environments, and here they do not have easy access to water in large amounts, such individuals will find great benefit from this essence. As this is used more regularly however, there will inevitably be emotional shift. The emotions are so closely associated with water on many levels, and there will be energies available that bring forth hidden talents, hidden beauty coming to the surface.


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