Rosa Xanthina – Creative Visualization (golden yellow, N. China)

Use this elixir during creative visualization, meditation, and hypnosis practices. It will help healers remove negativity, and it also opens the heart.
Rosa Xanthina has many interesting capabilities to allow a connection between the heart, the fourth chakra especially, the aetheric body, and the causal plane, allowing these to transfer information back and forth. This tends to be filtered in various ways by the heart energy so that it is of a loving nature. Gradually as one becomes used to this energy, one is able to turn off, reduce, or completely eliminate mental chatter, the interference of thought patterns, or even the mental body at any level. This is unusual, as mental body interaction is of some value in so many different processes, responses, and aspects of vibrational work. Yet with Rosa Xanthina what gradually occurs is a melding or blending of the aetheric energies with the heart energy and an awakening to causal information, an awareness of ones purpose, a sense of energy unfolding in a positive and helpful way, and a deeper sense of peace, calm, and quiet. Another important aspect of Rosa Xanthina is to help individuals reawaken hidden healing abilities, however this is always in a loving, compassionate way.


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Weight2.91 oz
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in