Rosa x Harrisonni (Harrison’s Yellow Rose, Yellow Rose of Texas)

This rose has been widely accepted by many individuals, and certainly deserves looking into, even though its development is so relatively recent, because it has a significance very much associated with America, many ideals of pioneering, finding of freedom, accepting of personal responsibility, and a willingness to repeatedly share this with others. In the revelation of truth, the flower essence can be quite helpful as individuals find ways to be more honest with themselves, and to share with others, even if this causes some temporary disharmony. This yellow rose flower essence can encourage individuals to look very consciously and clearly in themselves, finding those areas that they have in some ways denied or lied to themselves, and find a way of deeper honesty that can be revealed. There is a certain level of warmth often conferred, as the devas associated with this rose have gradually come to share some of their loving energies with people, this encouraging people to find a way of being clear in their communications with each other.


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