Rosa Sinowilsonii (white, China) – Clairaudience

Use of this elixir will tend to bring various levels of higher vibrational energy more consciously into ones awareness of subtle sound, activating hairy structures in the ear and various aetheric equivalents to this that exist throughout the brain and various other centers in the body to help with receiving and working with these energies. Gradually with repeated use of this rose, there is a strengthening of ones trust in clairaudient phenomena; this will, as always, tend to be enhanced or strengthened with any other paranormal phenomena also exercised or utilized: clairaudience, clairvoyance, various forms of clairsentience, all tend to work together because they use similar para-brain centers. Energy moves from the physical level to higher vibrational levels of attunement to receive messages from guides and helpers, to perceive various cosmic sounds, to become aware of musical expression of angelic realms, or higher vibrational attunements to positive and useful energies, all of these naturally take place. Utilization of this rose on a regular basis will shift musical capabilities, thus improving them for those at beginner level, or shifting them for those who are more advanced and involved in music, to attune to energies of a higher vibration.


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Weight2.91 oz
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