Rosa Sericea Pteracantha (white, Wingthorn Rose) – Higher Purpose

The rose confers some powerful and useful properties on most people with relationship to a deep understanding of tough love. This can be the capacity to love in a way that can produce dramatic change. This can convey the ability to install new habit patterns, modes of thinking, modes of feeling, but much more importantly, a connection to Earth, to survival itself, to the nature of being physical. Some individuals who go through a shift around the age of 28 experience deep levels of sadness and lost opportunity. This elixir can offer them an innate sense of joy, strength, and awareness of greater possibilities. Sometimes in working with this, what they become more gradually and consciously aware of is how they have had an intuitive sense of what was appropriate for them in their life, what they were here to learn, or do, or who to meet, but have for some reason denied this, or avoided it, perhaps unconsciously. Simply becoming aware of that pattern can be of tremendous value to individuals in saving them a great deal of time and effort.


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