Rosa Paulii (White, clove scented, R. arvensis x R. rugosa) – Sh

Rosa Paulii has an important use for individuals in allowing a deeper sense of love and humility combined. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who wish to help others, but do not wish to be in such a position of obligation or addiction or a constant interaction. This flower essence may be used for individuals to release the desire or need for appreciation. As a result, those with significant accumulations of planets or energies in the birth chart associated with Cancer or Taurus may benefit especially from Rosa Paulii as they gradually let go of this need to be appreciated. But at the deeper level what it eventually yields for individuals is a deep understanding or appreciation of God’s energy as ultimately then so humble, not asking anything in return, allowing opportunities on many levels for all beings; and ways in which these opportunities can at times lead to all kinds of deeply pleasurable wonderful aspects in life.


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