Rosa Odorata (White, Pink, or Yellow) - Integration

This rose brings an awakening of the root chakra as an energy that bubbles up through the rest of the body. But over and over and over it shows you how you can integrate: how you can bring energies from many different sources, things learned from past lives, energies from this life, and integrate it into the problem at hand. Integrating these energies will often give rise to new possibilities that you did not see before; and these energies will then arise as a new application, something that will ultimately be helpful. This can be very helpful in group activity, in corporations, or people finding something in the physical world that they wish to change, but that which is clearly based in the physical world. Thus when you are struggling with bureaucracies, seeking to understand systems as they are, Rosa odorata can be so helpful at engaging your patience, your ability to see things from other peoples point of view, to find the right steps to take in order to deal with the situation. This essence can be utilized to bring joy and strength to gardeners, to those who wish to work with roses, through an attunement to this deva.


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