Rosa Multiflora (White) – Earth Sensitivity

This is a plant that has a powerful connection to Mother Earth, transferring many of Earth’s highest most loving wishes, Earth’s ability to assist an individual’s own life path through help, through deep love of oneself and of the physical–a willingness to receive this energy is profound in this rose. At a higher vibrational level however, as the heart is opened in working with these energies, there is a deep sense of peace or calm that can come to many individuals, as if the sense of timelessness, as if the awareness of Earth’s great patience in waiting, seeing how things will unfold, helping in her way generally, is that which is felt deep in the core of many individuals. There can be with such attunement, naturally, the development of psychic abilities relating to the Earth. Thus the ability to enhance the properties of plants and animals, or the psychic awareness of earth changes, attunement to mother Earth’s moods, ability to affect the weather, and also to perceive the weather before it manifests. In addition, this rose may produce a healing effect that can be transmitted to others. Thus Rosa multiflora can stimulate healing abilities where individuals wish to use sound in any form–it can be technological, it can be working with sound from the human voice.


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