Rosa Moschata (Musk Rose, White) – Improving Relationships

This rose has capacity to engage higher consciousness as it is aware of a principle of compassion, caring, and love that many people may feel for their own highest self: a deeper welcoming of the higher self energies as they then can be absorbed and utilized as a loving principle within the individual. This willingness to blame others can be a very important keynote that would be indicative of using Rosa moschata as flower essence for much benefit. In addition however can be self-blame, in which an individual is unaware of how they are allowing deeper separation simply be such powerfully held judgmental beliefs. As moschata is used further, the heart begins to open in new ways, ways that can incorporate a loving not just of ones higher self and spiritual side, but of mistakes, of pastlife energies that have not been placed perhaps as well as one would have liked.


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