Rosa Maximowicziana (White flowers) – Shifting Boundaries

This rose has capability of blending energies across any of the aetheric, mental, emotional, causal, and physical bodies, allowing individuals a deeper merging. It is usually best used initially to focalize such energies from two subtle bodies specifically, seeking the particular characteristics to blend between them; one will usually become much more aware of the characteristics of the subtle bodies as a result, and recognize a natural gratefulness, loving energy, receptiveness, accepting energy, willingness energy, in working with these energies of the blending of the subtle bodies. As boundaries are to be shifted within an individual’s consciousness, the acceptance of these in the physical world, in relationship with others, is made clearer.In addition to this is another part that is difficult for most people to understand as they approach boundaries; for this, the rose has a marvelous lesson to teach people: it has to do with a loving side, an accepting side or a heart opening side to boundaries. Using this rose can assist individuals in understanding themselves better, where they have walled off or allowed various aspects of their own personality, consciousness, or things that they are interested in to become segmented, to become in some sense denied or unavailable. To make such an energy more available in a loving, welcoming, accepting fashion is likely to be enhanced for nearly everyone using this flower essence.


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