Rosa Macrophylla (red, Himalayas) – Greater Love

(Red, The most powerful rose essence on the planet for the heart chakra)
An important attribute of Rosa Macrophylla is to help people know themselves, to feel that love more, and to know this energy more clearly in oneself as a source, as a connecting energy to the entire kingdom of roses, to entire kingdoms of different beings, is a wonderful way of using and knowing this energy. As one feels this sense of love, one may also recognize that it has a higher component: love of and from God, understanding of love of and from Earth?that the love is not just a personal one. Personal love is that which may be felt initially in using this flower essence. As one feels this, it makes sense to train it, to ask of ways to transfer that love to others, to play with it in different ways, to appreciate it, to share it; and in this way one will gradually understand more of that energy, as it is in itself, rather than judged through the eyes of society or your own experiences. The fourth chakra is of course stimulated; there is, however, a connection to other chakras. Fourth chakra acts as a moderator, and there may be times when first, second, and third chakra becomes energized, others when fifth, sixth, and seventh become awakened. We see a more permanent connection gradually established between eleventh and twelfth chakras, and the fourth chakra, with repeated use of this rose.


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