Rosa Lavender Lassie (Light Pink) – Spiritual Assistance

Higher levels of conscious access to spiritual information become available for most people with this elixir. This can relate to many different areas of life, though for many individuals it will relate specifically to attributes of how to assist other people, how to heal them, how to share energy with them, and this to be as a spiritual teaching. Sometimes it can produce in individuals a repulsion or rejection of money, or bring up underlying abundance or prosperity issues. This can usually be helpful, as individuals will inevitably put less attention on this, less attention on their own innate value-ability [value], and more attention on the purpose of the spiritual assistance or connection to others, the learning process for oneself. As lavender lassie elixir has capacity in an individual to bring them into a deeper level of reverence for their own ability to assist, various activities of spiritual assistance may become available to them. Thinking upon somebody who needs your help, not just around something physical, but something as advice, as benefit, as assistance in their own life, usually best if the individual has actually asked about it, taking the rose essence before going to sleep, then allowing the energy naturally, lovingly to move to the other person, might be one way to use this.


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