Rosa Horrida – Universal Love (white, Europe)

This rose is beneficial in cleansing what we would term spiritual sadness. This is the way in which as one begins to contact higher and higher levels of spiritual evolution, one must then as if retrace the paths of the masters. Each of these master beings, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, healers and other Earth Guardians in their own paths have had to contact some aspect of humanity where there was struggle. They have had to understand this in their own way, and usually what results is at first a deep acknowledgement of humanity?s own struggle. As if then there is an acknowledgement of the power within humanity to find the answers to this pursuit of love, of happiness, of the understanding of God in the material realm by the use of whatever it takes. The use of this essence can be helpful therefore of course at a physical level for a depressed state or for people who are experiencing sadness or anxiety at levels that they do not understand and are having some difficulty attuning to. Many times there is a powerful spiritual component as a result of this. This is sometimes not acknowledged or it is somehow denied in the individual, and this essence will assist in releasing that denial and letting the individual understand it more deeply.


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